Minnie Mouse Wreath

I made this adorable Minnie Mouse Wreath for K’s 2nd birthday party! The Minnie Mouse theme quickly took over my house. I loved this theme particularly because I could use any pink, purple an red decorations and it would all still match the theme. Lots of bows, lots of pink and lots of mouse ears made for a perfectly perfect party!!

This has got to be my favorite piece that I made. And so super easy!!

Start with one large styrofoam craft ring and two small ones for the ears. These can be purchased at any craft store, Walmart or Amazon.


I wrapped each piece with black felt (pink for the bottom) so that the green on my ring did not show through the tulle.


You can find 50 yd spools of tulle that come in almost any color. I bought mine at Michaels and needed 3 total (two black and one pink). They are perfect because you only have to cut the length. I cut 17″ pieces and double layered the pink. The black was fine to do single layers.


Next you can attach the ears; also wrapped in felt. I used toothpicks (2) and a dab of hot clue to secure the ears.


Tie on your black tulle in single layers. The black felt underneath is very forgiving. Any knot will work but I did just a regular square knot. You can fluff out the tulle after everything is tied on. Just don’t tie too tight so that you can pull together and arrange in a way that looks nice and uniform. I cut 15″ tulle strips for the ears.


There you have it! Add a bow of your Choice and some white polka dots and your done! For my white polka dots I used foam with a sticky back and just stuck on at random. It was a huge hit an a great way to welcome guests into our home!

I went ahead and added some Amazon links since that’s the easiest way to shop! Here is a cost breakdown:
Large ring– $6.16
Small rings– $4 (2) I don’t know why these are so hard to find! I found mine at Walmart but Amazon also carries them!
Felt– already had (<–with this link – there will be leftover felt but, hey, who can’t use black felt??)
Black Tulle– $3.99 each (2)

Pink Tulle – $3.15
Bow– already had – check this link for a good option to use
Foam polka dots– already had – $4.00 for a pack of white foam craft paper

or if you want your life to be a little bit easier – check these out! PRE CUT adhesive circles, yes please!

Happy Wreath Making!

37 thoughts on “Minnie Mouse Wreath

  1. Where did you find these supplies so cheap? I couldn’t even find the smaller rings anywhere. I had to improvise with pipe insulation.

    1. Nicole, I found the rings at Walmart! This was also 2 years ago so perhaps the same deal isn’t still out there! This was also in Florida so prices could be higher I suppose based on location. check michaels or Ac Moore too and use a coupon! Happy crafting!

    2. Hobby lobby has good sales a lot. But if you go and they don’t have something that is on sale you can look up a coupon on Google for 40% off one full priced item and they update it everyday!

  2. Love your wreath tutorial but it breaks up and is black in some spots. I can’t see how long you cut your tulle or how you tied it on. Also did you attach the ears before tying on the tulle – thank you in advance for your assistance – not sure why it isn’t appearing for me – you did a wonderful job

    1. Hmm that is strange! You can add before or after, whatever is easier for you, really! I added the tule after the small rings were attached. You can tie on the tule in knots or you can double over and loop through. Both methods should work just fine. Happy crafting!

  3. Hi. I’ve never used this type of material before, actually I’m not very crafty at all but neither so adorable I want to try to make them. How do you wrap the fabric around the Styrofoam and keep it fluffy like that. Are you sewing it on?

    1. Cut your black felt in a long strip and wrap that around the foam wreath. (In/out/in/out) then you tie on the tule just as you would a tutu skirt our you can just tie around in a knot. Whichever method you prefer!

  4. Hi, just an fyi that I found light pink tule with white dots already on it. It’s really cute. I used a med ring and two small rings but the tule is way too long. Any suggestions?

  5. If you can’t find or afford the foam rings you can make your own out of dollar store foam pool noodles and just duct tape the ends together. You can get all 3 rings out of one pool noodle.

  6. I was sent your photo of the pink/black minnie with the pink polka dot bow from someone that wants me to make her one and she wants to purchase from me but if this is your design I feel you should be the one to do it or that I should get your written permission before I do it. Send to email attached to this comment

  7. I just made mine today! I had to go to Wal-Mart and Hobby Lobby but I got everything. I used white buttons for the dots and instead of a bow, I bought foam glitter letters to spell out my daughter’s name. Her new bedroom theme is Minnie Mouse. She is going to love it!

  8. In your pictures you show the ears attached before the tulle? That’s how I started, so now I’m confused if the tulle on the ears is the same as the length as the large part. I think I made the tulle to longer on the body because I used 50yrds of pink and still need more.
    If you can please advise.

    1. Hi Diane! I’m so sorry for the delayed response. So, yes, I attached the ears before adding the tulle. The tulle on the ears was definitely shorter than the body! You can always trim the length of your tulle after you’ve already tied it to your foam rings to get it to your desired length. 🙂

    1. about 12 inches. Depending on the size of your wreath, you’ll just need to allow room to tie the tulle on. Tie the first piece and see if it’s the right length and then measure the rest of your pieces to that one 🙂

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